Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tamar Da Star and Xtina Cell take on Austin Texas!

I know a lot of you are probably asking yourselves, what business do an Armenian and Korean have going to Texas. Are we asking to get shot? Or worse, some bitch coming up to me and asking me to charm a snake out of a vase or have Xtina Cell do a mani pedi! Well I've got news for you.... AUSTIN TEXAS ROCKS!! That's right! Its a melting pot of all different peeps, the barbecue is AMAZING, and vintage shopping is the best. I'm so tired of trying to thrift shop in NY with all these crazy ass bitches all up in my shit stealing all the deals away from me. As my friend LamBurger pointed out on my FB page " For the record Austin aint Bush country! Its a beautiful blue oasis"

There were so many highlights to our trip like this quirky fascinating store called Uncommon Objects. They sold kitchy vintage furniture, animal heads, baby heads, and all sorts of other shiz. As some of you know nothing makes me happier than a store filled with baby heads. I just looooove them : )

Here's pic of Xtina Cell on a vintage telephone. She hadn't had her coffee yet and she was acting all kinds of crazy to lady on the phone. As for me, as usual I was probably telling some client her do's and don'ts of airbrush tanning. EVEN ON MY VACA!
Damn, can a bitch chilax for 5 seconds!!!